100ft Camera Spool

Bolex Product Code:- 265.561

100ft Film Camera Spool with Bolex Paillard LogoYou will need an empty 100ft spool to be placed on the take up spindle inside the cameras film chamber before you can start to film anything.

This item often gets forgotten on a shoot and you will go out with new film and camera but no take up spool to take it up inside the camera body.

Shown is a 100ft Spool embossed with the Bolex logo that they used to place inside new cameras film chambers on the take up spindle ready for use.

Becuase these Bolex Marked Spools would of been used as take up spools by any new camera owners they would have been sent to a lab and then dissapear unless they were kept by the owner for completeness so are rare to find with cameras being sold of the period they would of come with them.