Moeller Anamorphot Anamorphic Lens

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Anamorphic Lens with carry case and InstructionsThe mid-1950s was a period of growth for widescreen in the professional cinema and in 1957 Bolex introduced their own "letterbox" system using the Moeller Anamorphot anamorphic lens.

This fitted in front of the taking lens (any Kern or Som Berthiot lens between 25 and 50mm with up to a 32mm inch diameter front mount) of any turret H16 camera, either reflex or non reflex.

The lens is physically mounted on a pair of pillars screwed into the two remaining 'C' mount threads of the turret. The original Octameter finder is fitted to the side of the lens and masked to show the final projected field of view, a new parallax scale is also fitted to the finder.

Anamorphic Lens with Octameter attached to CameraThe Octameter is recommended for framing in all cases as the reflex finder of a reflex camera will show a horizontally compressed image.

The Moeller lens focuses from 39"(lm) to infinity and has a "squeeze" of 1.5.1 resulting in a projected 2:1 format on the screen.

The Moeller lens has to be transferred or an equivalent lens fitted to the projector to "unsqueeze" the film image onto the screen.Back