Bolex Product Code 266.115 BLIMO

The 2nd Type of Bolex Blimp

Blimps are just sound deadening covers which fit over the cameras to cut down on the noise they make. All Bolex spring drive cameras when running make the noise of a small kitchen blender because they were not originally designed to be used in applications where sound was going to be important. The later cameras such as the EBM and EL are made to be quieter but are still not as quite as modern 16mm cameras.

If you primarily want to shoot narrative led films which naturally contain characters speaking there lines which have to be in sync with picture then you will have to get one of these. They cut down on the sound the camera makes and brings it within an acceptable level although they will not great rid of the noise totally. Shooting with directional microphones should eliminate any further noise.

There have been two versions available one which looks like a straight jacket and was released when the MST motor was released (Shown Below). Although there was other external motors before the MST this was the first motor to have the ability to automatically slate the film and supply a pilot tone for synchronous sound recording.

The blimp consists of sound deadening fabric which is designed to fit tightly around a spring drive Bolex H16 camera body with either an MST or ESM external electric drive motor attached.

The 1st type of Bolex Blimp You fit the fabric over the camera and tighten up the belts and buckles. If you have a 400ft magazine there is a blimp that fits over that and the attached MM or WM drive motor.

The second blimp (Shown above) is designed to fit all spring drive cameras and the EBM and EL cameras with a 400ft magazine attached. It just consists of one piece of foam which just fits over the tope of the camera. You will have to attach the lens into its mount once you have fitted it.