Bolex Lite

Bolex Product Code:- DODOU

The Bolex Lite kit of partsThe Bolex Lite was produced by Bolex in the 1960's and is able to attach to all cameras. Again this is another accessory that shows the amateur origins of the H16 Camera system.

The light was revolutionary when it was introduced apparently according to the instruction manual. Using a revolutionary Tungsten bulb! However it does not use the Bolex rapid attachment device to connect to the camera base instead it uses a bracket with its own screw thread. The Bolex rapid attachment device has to be removed before it can be fitted, if you are using the front screw thread of the camera.

Here is some details from the promo leaflet:-

Just as, some years ago, the electronic flash disposed at one stroke of all problems of lighting in photography, the revolutionary new Bolex lighting system solves the problem of illumination for the movie maker. At last he has at his disposal a very light weight and compact lighting unit with brilliancy so far un encountered.

This revolutionary lighting system became possible through the development of the quartz iodine discharge lamp, which was produced for the first time about a year ago in America for 110 volts. For those interested in the technical details, the principles of this epoch-making development are briefly described below: A tungsten filament gives off tungsten atoms when heated. These cause a black deposit on the glass envelope.

In previous Lamps, this difficulty necessitated using a large glass envelope. With the newly developed quartz iodine discharge lamp the tungsten atoms are retained by iodine. They form Tungsten iodine, which can no longer deposit onto the cooler glass surface, but only close to the very hot incandescent coil. A cycle thus develops, in which the tungsten atoms continually return to the incandescent coil and blackening of the glass envelope is avoided. In this way it is possible to reduce the size of this envelope by approximately 99.5 per cent, to about 0.5 per cent of the usual envelope. The powerful light, equivalent to about three 500 watt photographic lamps, is produced by a small lamp the size of the little finger. A remarkable achievement of modern research!

Bolex Lite and CaseThe handling of the Bolex Lite is simplicity itself just plug into the nearest power point and switch on. Although the Bolex Lite emits as much light has about three large 500 watt photographic lamps, it's wattage is only about 800W.

It can therefore be operated without worry or fear of blown fuses. Your light is sharply beamed but illuminates a space large enough for use with a wide angle lens. It can be mounted on the camera by means of the shoe to form one unit.

The colour temperature of the Bolex Lite is set to artificial light colour film. Tests have however shown that completely satisfactory results can obtained on daylight colour film. The reflector of the Bolex Lite is fully swiveling so that, for certain shots, soft lighting can be achieved through indirect or bounce technique.

The average life of a quartz iodine discharge lamp is about 12 hours, and therefore it easily lasts for about 100 double 8mm films. An important advantage the light output remains completely constant for the whole life of the lamp. This is something quite new. By careful handling, the life of the lamp can be extended beyond the average.

For illuminating larger areas, several Bolex lamps can be linked together. Whereas the photographer or movie-maker has previously had to carry about a large stock of lamps, he will in future be able to manage with three or four BOLEX lites in a small case.

Technical Details:-

Main supply 240 volts for a AC and DC
Power requirement about 800 Watts' s
Light output about equal to 3 x 500 watts photographic lamps
Weight approximately 1lb
Colour temperature approx. 3400 degrees K
Life of Lamps 12 hours average
No blackening of the lamp for its entire life

Instructions for using the Bolex Lite

BackYou're now the owner of the unique Bolex Lite which offers you numerous advantages over ordinary photographic lamps. You get long service from your Bolex Lite by observing the following points. 1) Protect unit from knocks, especially while the lamp is hot 2) Do not touch the lamp or the reflector with bare fingers. Always hold both these parts with a clean cloth, as natural grease from the fingers can affect their performance. 3) Disconnect the unit from the electrical mains supply before removing the guard or fitting a new lamp. After removal of the used lamp fit the new one between the two spring contacts. Then put the Guard in place again.