EM Motor

Bolex Product Code:- 260.001 MOTEM Motor Only or 260.550 COPEN EM Motor kit comprises EM Motor, ELPOW 261.660, ECHAR 261.880, ELPOI 263.110

EM MotorThe Bolex EM motor was the first motor to be released by Bolex to connect to the new 1:1 drive shaft present on all cameras since s/n 210601.


EM Motor Data Table
Drive Shaft Type 1:1
No of Mounting screws 3
Filming Speeds in fps 12-25fps
Socket for Powering magazine takeup motor Yes
Sync sound to tape No
Supply Voltage 12 Volts





This motor however is not designed for sync work because it relies on the camera's internal mechanical speed govenener to regulate the speed. This is because it's speed is not electronically regulated.

Before you attach the motor to the side of the camera you first have to decide what fps you want to shoot at and then attach the motor using 3 screw threads to the camera.

Unlike the MST motor which is manufactured to run at a set speed the EM can run at any of the speeds you have on the camera itself from 12 through to 25 fps (max).

Because of the way the motor attaches to the camera it will cover the fps dial on the camera so if you want to change film speed you have to un attach the camera to get at the fps dial to change the speed. There is no speed dial on the motor or connections for a sync pulse or crystal sync generator to sync with a tape recorder. But you can still see the frame counter and footage counter when the motor is attached.

It is also the first motor designed to be able to connect to the 400ft magazines WM motor. To start the camera running you press the button on the front of the motor and you can also lock the motor in continuous run. The motor can also be run backwards by using a button on the front although this cannot be done with the 400ft magazine in place and the motor in normal use may cause the shutter to come to a stop with it open therefore fogging a frame of film.

EM Motor kit of partsIt was released with 12v 1.2ah battery pack which can also be used with the EL camera and came with a carrying case and strap.

On the left is the EM motor as it would have been sold as a kit and all with original boxes.

On the left is the MST Motor and instruction manual and then to the right is the battery 261.660 ELPOW with creme leather carrying case and strap.

Bellow that is the battery charger 261.880 ECHAR that recharge the battery in 12hrs. Then bottom middle is a cable you can plug into the remote socket on the EM motor to start it running using a plunger button.Back