Flat Base Adapter

Bolex Product Code :- BASHA 1st Type, BASOU 2nd Type

Flat base adapter 1st TypeThere are two versions of the flat base adapter available. The first with product code "BASHA" enables you to attach a round base camera to it using the one tripod mounting thread available on round base cameras.

Two thread's on the adapter itself enable it to be mounted on a tripod with either European or American mounting screws. So to recap, you screw the adapter in to the camera, then screw a tripod into one of the tripod threads.

The Picture on the left show the adapter on its own with the screw to connect to a Round Base cameras mounting thread. Bolex also released some that were painted black for no other reason than they fancied a colour change.

Flat Base Adapter attached to Round Base H16Flat base adapters are only needed on Bolex H16 Round Base cameras I.E. cameras with serial numbers below 202,501 or those manufactured before 1964.

The main purpose of having a flat base adapter attached to your round base Bolex is that now when you put your camera down it will not topple over!

You can also now attach long heavy lens's. Some were made in black probably so as to match the colour of the cameras leather.

The picture on the right shows a flat base adapter attached to a round base H16 camera.





2nd type of Flat Base AdapterThe second adapter with the Bolex product code "BASOU" was introduced ten years later in the mid 1960's and does the same job as "BASHA".

However it is made of much stronger metal so as to allow for the fixing of a Bolex Matte Box on the front of it by sliding it into an attachment rail.

This updated flat base adapter was needed as at the time the Matte Box accessory was released the only cameras available to attach it to were of the round base type.

BASOU Adaptor with Matte Box attachedLater when Flat Base cameras were released they already had a detachable front plate where the matte box's sliding rail attachment could be screwed in place to allow the fixing of a matte box.

This Picture on the right shows the 2nd type of Flat Base Adapter with camera attached and matte box connected .