Bolex H16 EBM

Bolex Product Codes:- 210.040 Camera Body supplied with power grip, Varta Deac battery and battery charger without TV Frame in viewfinder, 210.041 As previous but with TV frame in the viewfinder.

View of H16 EBM camera and power handgrip but no lensBolex Released the H16 EBM camera in 1971. It was the first camera to contain within the camera body itself, all the electronics and the motor that you previously had to attach to the side of spring drive cameras if you wanted them to be driven by motor instead of using the internal spring.

The Bolex EBM camera has inside of it all the circuitry and mechanisms of an external ESM motor. Because it is the first camera Bolex produced which had no internal spring drive it therefore is the first ever not to have a winding handle on the side.

The EBM was primarily designed for shooting sync sound films which it can do using the old sync pulse system of keeping sync by fogging a frame of film at the start of a take then simultaneously put a beep on the soundtrack and then continuously write the motors speed fluctuations to tape. Or the crystal sync way of regulating the motor and making sure it operates at 100Hz. See 16mm external motors and sync sound equipment section for more information.






Bolex H16 EBM Data Table
Variable Shutter No
Lens Mount Bayonet
Shutter Angle 170°
Filming Speeds in fps 10, 18, 24, 25, 50
Behind the lens Filter Yes
Reflex/Non Reflex Reflex
Backwindable Yes
Frame Counter No
Drive shaft for external electric motor drive Yes 1:1 Type
Round/Flat Base Flat Base
Magazine Mount Yes




Other radical feature changes are:-
1 No variable shutter, the EBM has a fixed open shutter angle of 170 degrees. 2 No Frame counter or audible footage counter although it still does have the visible footage counter. 3 No screw threads to mount any external electric drive motors such as for time-lapse. 4 It has a 1:1 Drive shaft but this can't be used because there is no mounting holes for attaching a motor on the camera body (as discussed above) but also the internal electric motors would have to be internally disconnected. 5 Still no built in exposure meter so you will need to buy Bolex bayonet lenses with built in exposure meters on them such as the POE or buy a light meter when using Non metered lenses. 6 Has a bigger metal carrying handle as well as the carrying strap. 7 It needs a 12V 1.2Ah power source to function which can be either supplied by the power handgrip, Power Base or external power. 8 Filming may stop with the shutter open fogging a frame of film and give a flash frame.