H16 Rex 5

Bolex Product Codes:- REKXI 210.020 REX5 Camera Body with TV Frame in the viewfinder, FAXKI 210.021 REX5 Camera Body with TV Frame in the viewfinder and Rexofader. Year of Introduction 1967 From s/n 226,001+

Side view of H16 Rex 5The last change in the Rex range was the Rex 5 camera which got a 400ft film magazine mounting on the top of the film chamber. This enabled you to shoot up to 11 minutes of film at a time instead of the usual 3.

The Rex 5 has stayed the same to this day and is still available to buy new from Bolex's factory in Switzerland. It is regarded as a design classic and it is the camera most people think of when they think Bolex.