MC 17 Motor

Bolex Product Code:- MOSTE

Front and back views of MC17 MotorThe next type of motor called the MC17 Bolex released in 1958. It's only difference with the preceding motor the U62 was that it has an extra screw thread to screw into the one extra screw thread that was placed on the body of H16 cameras at the time to enable the fitting of a Rexofader.

This extra screw thread was there obviously to hold the motor more securely against the camera. Bolex probably had some people complaining about the fact the U62 was not held very securely against the camera. However this extra screw thread could be removed so that this motor could be screwed into cameras which did not have an extra screw thread (which was most of them at the time).

It also had another updated transformer available called the BE22 the only difference on that being the way you selected certain frames per second values. The battery pack stayed the same.










MC17 Motor Data Table
Drive Shaft Type 8:1
No of Mounting screws 1
Filming Speeds in fps 8,16,24,32
Socket for Powering magazine takeup motor No
Sync sound to tape No
Supply Voltage 11-15Volts