Rapid Attachment Device

Bolex Product Code:- 265.770

The Bolex Rapid Attachment device consists of two parts. The Rapid attachment disc and The Rapid attachment Plate

Bottom of rapid attachment diskSide view of Bolex rapid attachment diskThe rapid attachment disc is a round piece of metal 33mm in diameter and 5mm thick. However some have been found to have been manufactured to a thickness of 5.5mm.

At the centre of the disc (a) is either a 3 eighths of an inch screw thread or a quarter inch screw thread depending on the type of disc you have. Although it is probably more likely for you to have a quarter inch thread for reasons we will come to shortly.

Rapid attachment device screwed into camera baseThe disc also consists of another smaller screw thread (b) which when screwed in forces two bits of metal around it outward (c) which we'll call a lug, much the same as a raw plug does when a screw is inserted.

This lug engages with a cut out next to all the screw threads on the base of the cameras. It makes sure that the main screw thread can never work loose during use.

Later versions of the Bolex rapid attachment disc does not come with an option of tightening this lug using an extra screw thread to ensure a tight fit and just consists of a bit of unmovable metal. It still does the same job of not letting the main screw thread work loose but doesn't do it as well as the earlier version.


The rapid attachment plateNow on to discuss the rapid attachment plate. This is fitted to equipment such as tripods, handgrips, titlers and the shoulder brace when ease of attachment of camera on to the device is needed. It consists of a plate with a circular hole cut out, a long lever on the left hand side which pulls back so the disc can be inserted and held in place, along with a safety lever at the bottom to ensure that the main lever cannot move out.

In all but one case the rapid attachment disc needs to be screwed in to the cameras front quarter inch screw thread to be able to successfully connect to most devices. So you only require a quarter inch screw thread. The only case where you screw the rapid attachment disc into the cameras rear quarter inch screw thread is when you are using the Second type of tripod with the second head.

The 3 eighths of an inch screw thread rapid attachment disc was sold to attach other manufacturer's cameras to the Bolex tripod when there cameras only had a 3 eighths of an inch mounting screw.