Bolex Product Code:- 266.330 FADOM

Bolex Rexofader in Box with instructionsThe Bolex Rexofader is a clever little device that fits on all cameras that have the variable shutter present. It enables you to perform fade ins, fade outs and with the use of the backwind handle, dissolves. There's nothing stopping you doing these effects yourself by hand manually of course by just moving the position of the variable shutter either up to do a fade in or down to do a fade out while the camera is running.

However you do need a steady hand if you want the fade to look professional and if you're panning or hand holding the camera at the same time it's a bit difficult to achieve a smooth transition. The Rexofader allows you with one press to do a professional looking camera fade or dissolve which will always last 40 frames no matter what speed you are shooting at.

The two types of Rexofaders on cameras side by sideWhen shooting at the standard shooting speed of 24fps a fade will last 2 seconds, the standard length of time for a professional fade.

I have done a number of fades and dissolves using one on my own camera and can vouch for their professional look.

The device uses one screw to attach to the camera and its little arm attaches to the variable shutter lever. Back

It also comes with another winding handle which has a bigger winding cog to make contact with the cog inside the Rexofader. There have been two versions of the Rexofader. The first has a small operating lever on the left hand side while the later one has a bigger lever on the left hand side which comes up against the viewfinder. Both are shown above.