Rubber Eye Cups

Bolex Product Code:- 265.660

An eyecup is designed to fit over the end of all the viewfinders, either the accessory ones which clip onto the side of or on top of the camera or the reflex viewfinders which can't be removed and are integral to the Reflex cameras. They shield the operator's eye from the sun so he or she can concentrate on the shot to be taken.

There have been two types of eyecups for the H16 camera. The first type is fitted on all the accessory viewfinders and the H16 Reflex original and the Rex 1. It is just a circular bit of rubber with a small amount of side protection.

1st and 2nd type of rubber eye cups

The second rubber eye cup made its appearance in 1963 on a Rex 2 and has stayed on H16 cameras ever since you will notice it has much better side protection and it is a lot softer.

The increased side protection was provided because of the way the H16 reflex viewfinders have been designed, light can sometime enter through the viewfinder and fog the film.Back