Shoulder Brace

Bolex Product Code:- 263.770 HARPO

Bolex Shoulder Brace attached to operators bodyThe Shoulder Brace is Bolex's answer to Steadicam. The shoulder brace provides a way of holding the camera steady when the camera and its operator are moving. It also eases the creation of what's termed as 'handheld shots' without using handgrips which can be tiring to hold the camera with for extended periods of time.

The device consists of an L shaped piece of metal tubing with two cushioned foam pads. One which fits over the operators shoulder and the second which fits around his or hers waist.

The final piece is a metal arm which contains Bolex's standard rapid attachment device to allow easy attachment of camera on to the device. All that's required now is that the angle and height of this arm is altered so that the eye piece of the camera can be made to come into the line of sight of the operator.

Handheld shots using any of the handgrips where you have to walk inevitably have some degree of up and down movement appear in the shot film and so will shots taken with this.

The picture on the left shows the shoulder brace with Bolex EL camera, 400ft magazine and matte box attached.