Trigger Handle Handgrip

Bolex Product Code :- PODEC & PODAL

Trigger Handle Handgrip These were introduced in the 1950's for Round Base H16 cameras only. They enable the camera to be held with great stability and are fitted with a trigger that, when pressed, makes contact with the starting button on the front of the camera. The unit is secured to the base of the camera by a screw found in the top side of the Trigger Handle.

A good method of holding the Bolex when the Trigger Handle is used is to place the viewfinder in the side position and grasp this with the left hand. The shaped handle of the Trigger Handle can then be held by the right hand and the trigger squeezed by the index finger. 

Trigger Handle Handgrip in boxTrigger Handle Handgrip attached to cameraThere are two different versions available "PODEC" with European 3/8" screw thread to fit European cameras and "PODAL" with Kodak 1/4"screw thread. There are also two styling differences which can occur on either of the two models.

One has the Bolex Paillard circular Marque stamped into there side while another has the words Paillard Bolex in capital letters impressed into its side.

BackThey are both made of solid metal, have a leather carrying strap and are virtually indestructible.