1st Type Wooden

Bolex Product Codes:- PODUM & POTRE + PODUS,

1st Wooden Type of Bolex TripodBolex produced two distinct types of tripod for use with its H8 and H16 cameras. The first to be manufactured was introduced in the 1950's. Shown on the left.

It is constructed of varnished wooden legs with extendable metal legs and includes metal hinges and head. Depending on the type you ordered at the time you could have the ability to level the head if using the tripod on uneven ground such as slopes. This is achieved by loosening the handle that drops down vertically from the head of the tripod between the tripods legs.

You can now move the head up or down using its ball and socket joint and use the spirit level on the head to level the head. When you are satisfied it is level you can then lock it into place again by tightening the handle.

The tripod could be ordered having a quarter inch or 3 eighths of an inch screw thread to connect to one of the tripod bushes on the base of the cameras. It could also come ordered with the ability of feeding a Bolex cable release through the pan handle of the tripod allowing you to start the camera running while panning or tilting the camera on the tripod by pressing the cable releases plunger which is now at the end of the pan handle.

The tripod with the ability to feed a cable release through the pan handle was given the Bolex product code POTRE, if you wanted it without it was called PODUM. You could also order a carrying bag for the tripod with the product code PODUS.