2nd Type 1st Head

Bolex Product Codes TRIME & TRICA (1st Head)

2nd Type 1st HeadThe camera is mounted on this head using a round metal plate which comes supplied with it as the sole means of attaching cameras to it. If you loose this plate the head is useless.

On one side is either a 3 eighths of an inch or a quarter of an inch screw thread. On the other side is a protruding metal disk.

The plate is screwed into the camera using the preferred cameras mounting bush.

Then the plates protruding metal disk fits in the corresponding round hole cut out on the tripod head and lever tightened to hold it in place.

The picture on the left shows Head one attached to the legs and the metal plate affixed to the head and the screw thread the camera attaches to clearly visible.

Bolex camera on 1st head of 2nd tripodI think at this time Bolex was experimenting with how to achieve a rapid attachment device and this was there first design.

The pan handle can be attached to the right or the left of the head because there are two attachment holes either side of the head. So you can use it if your left handed.

Again the tripod could also be ordered with the ability to feed a cable release through the pan handle of the tripod Bolex product code TRICA or without Bolex product code TRIME.

The way the pan handle attaches to the head means that the head is controlled from a more front position than exactly centred.

The problem with this head is that it does not use the standard Bolex rapid attachment device so is not as desirable as the later heads. However it is an original Bolex tripod and is perfectly usable.

The picture on the Right shows Head 1 with camera attached.