Turret Caps & Bayonet Caps

Bolex Product Codes:- 265.220 BOUCH Non locking type, 265.221 FIXTU Locking type.

Turret moved to one side showing locking turret shaftTurret caps just screw into any free C Mount lens position on a turret H16 camera instead of a lens, and perform much the same function as lens caps do on lenses; they protect the camera from dust and dirt and make the turret look more aesthetically nice and pleasing.

When the camera is stored for long periods of time with no lenses attached it would be best to screw in a turret cap into each empty lens position and especially so over the taking lens position where the prism and gate are to keep it dust free.

They can also be used when you have not got a full complement of three lenses or have chosen to work with just one on the taking position. Otherwise you will get to see the camera body though the empty holes of the turret!

There are two types, locking and Non Locking.

The 'Locking' turret capThe locking type is identified by the cap having an engraved red (or on later cameras black) ring on the front of it and a screw thread that extends out from the back.

This turret cap goes in the bottom turret position only and it does not actually screw into the turret as such. It screws into the cameras body and its sides are designed to make contact with the turret and it provides extra stability for the turret when using heavy lenses.


The 'Non Locking' type of turret cap The Non locking type can screw into any empty turret positions on any cameras with an empty lens position to fill and no lens to fill it.







If you have a bayonet lens mount camera if you want to store the camera without a lens on it you will need this bit of plastic. You place it in the bayonet lens mount and move the locking ring so it says permanently in place. This keeps the gate and prism of bayonet mount cameras dust free without a lens being in place.