U62 Motor

Bolex Product Code:- MOSTE, MOTRA

U62 Motor Data Table
Drive Shaft Type 8:1
No of Mounting screws 1
Filming Speeds in fps 8,16,24,32
Socket for Powering magazine takeup motor No
Sync sound to tape No
Supply Voltage 11-15Volts

The U62 motor is the first external electric drive motor Bolex produced. It can be attached to any H16 or H8 camera, as it is designed to connect to the 8:1 backwind shaft present on all cameras. It came with:-

U62 Motor with Instruction Book1) A battery pack with space for 5 batteries and for the motor when not attached to the camera.

2) a T12 Transformer which is designed to work with the mains power supplies from various countries, including those having voltages between 90-110v, 110-135v, 135-165v, 165-200v, 200-245v, 245-300v @ 50 or 60Hz.

Both of these methods supply enough current to power the camera when it has been set at either 8,16,24,or 32 fps.

3) A Plexiglass adapter which fits over the speed control knob on the camera so as to facilitate easily changing the speed. When the motor is attached it blocks access to the normal knob so a work around was required.



You can see this still attached to cameras when the motor has long since been removed. The motor attaches to the camera by screwing into the screw thread left free when the winding handle is removed (which it has to be) from the camera.