Vario Switar 86 f2.5 18-86mm OE

Bolex Product Code:- VAMOE

Vario Switar 86 OE attached to a Rex1 with Flatbase Adapter

This lens was the first from Bolex to feature automatic metering of the lens from a light meter attached inside the taking lens and is the first example of true Through The Lens (TTL Metering) allowing accurate metering of the lens through all the zoom range.Back

A new way was designed to input film speed (only up to 200ASA now), frames per second and varibale shutter position using a very clever and compact set of selector dials now placed at the top and back of the lens. As before this lens could use the same close up attachments mentioned previously. It can be swapped between automatic and manual selection still.

Vario Switar 86 f2.5 18-86mm OE Data Table
Front Filter Mounting size Yes Holds 1 Series 8 filter
Horizontal Field of View 34°
Relative Magnification 0.4x
Focusing Range 1.6 metres to Infinity
Lens Hood Comes as Standard
Year of Introduction & Discontinuation 1968-?