Vario Switar 86 f2.5 18-86mm

Bolex Product Code:- PAFAM

Vario Switar 86 Lens attached to Bolex Rex 3






This was the first zoom lens that Bolex got there favoured Swiss lens maker Kern to produce for them having previously let other lens manufacturers supply zoom lenses for it's cameras.

This lens does not have an electronic light meter built in so you'd have to use it with a dedicated light meter such as the Bolex light meter.

Vario Switar 86 Close Up AttachmentThis lens started a series of 3 the next two being the 86 EE & OE. It comes with a lens hood and front and back caps.

It introduces a new design prevalent in most of the Vario Switar Zooms that has an arm that sits over the front camera release button that allows a cable release attached to the lens barrel allow starting the camera running when zooming.

Two screw in close up attachments are available for close up work with this lens.

Close up lens BOLON allows focussing from 0.9m to 1.6m and BOCOU 0.7m to 0.9m. Shown right is a BOLON close up lens in box.



Vario Switar 86 f2.5 18-86mm Data Table
Front Filter Mounting size Yes Holds 1 Series 8 filter
Horizontal Field of View 34°
Relative Magnification 0.4x
Focusing Range 1.6 metres to Infinity
Lens Hood Comes as Standard
Year of Introduction & Discontinuation 1961-?