Useful Links

As I'm based in the UK my links for Bolex related products and services are skewed to the UK also. If you think I'm missing some resource you think should be included on this list let me know.

Camera & Lens Purchase

Bolex International S.A.

Bolex Internation S.A. The website of the company whose products this website is all about. For many years Bolex never had a website and I got the feeling they might not ever. Thankfully by mid 2002 it suddenly appeared out of nowheree. It naturally covers all the current cameras, lenses and accessories they sell, information about there Super 16 conversion there complete and up to date price list + email address. There's also talk about something called the Digital Bolex the two words of which dont sound right together.

Andrew Alden

Andrew Aldens Bolex Site LogoAndrew has been selling Bolex equipment for many, many years now. He has wrote three comprehensive and authoritative books on Bolex, the history of the company, a book about the H16 camera system and a book about using your Bolex for time-lapse filming. He sells Bolex Cameras, lenses and accessories from his home in Yorkshire England and is always friendly and able to offer advice.

His website contains a brief overview of all the cameras Bolex Produce, a FAQ of the most common questions he gets asked about Bolex equipment and of course his sales list of all the equipment he currently has. He updates his website usually two times per month or when he has bought a great deal of equipment. If you are after a specific piece of equipment it is best to tell him so he can look out for it.

Mariott Photo Cine

Mariott Photo Cine LogoThis photographic shop based in Yorkshire England is a great place to look for Bolex equipment in all the gauges. Run by Fred and Stephanie Mariott they usually have a wide selection of Bolex cameras, lenses and accessories up for sale. Although they consider cameras like the SBM, EBM, and EL the domain of the professional user and so do not stock them or accessories specific to these.

Chambless Cine Equipment

Chambless Cine Equipment LogoBased in the United States and run and owned by Jesse Chambless. Chambless Cinema Equipment stock the complete range of new Bolex cameras, lenses and accessories. They are also the only place on the web to find out the latest Bolex prices for new equipment if you are based in the states. Other services offered include there own Super 16 conversion of most Bolex cameras and there own repair facility. They can also probably lay there hands on any second hand piece of Bolex equipment you could possibly want.


Ebay the Worlds online marketplace LogoThe worlds online marketplace is a great place to pick up that hard to find piece of equipment you need to start shooting with but no one else seems to have. At any one time there is usually between 150-270 auctions happening for Bolex equipment. Complete kits, Cameras, lenses, promotional literature, original adverts, Instruction booklets.

Calkovsky Cameras and Lenses

Calkovsky Cameras and Lenses LogoIs a website run by Rudi Calkovsky who also offers items for sale on ebay which is where I first became aware of him and his business.

Having had to end a career as an expereinced auto menchanic due to an injury Rudi started selling old cameras on ebay and quickly discovered what sold well or not. He has built up a good reputation on ebay where i discovered one of his auctions and whats always nice when buying these items is having someone whos knowledgable regarding there sale.


CameratiqueJean-Louis Beek runs Cameratique Based in South Africa and seems to keep finding lovely examples of Bolex H16 cameras cases et etc to sell (I don't know how he does it!). The pictures he takes of his stock for sale are usually drop dead gorgeous. In fact he has kindly let me use his wonderfull pitures to grace many a page of this website.

Film Stock Purchase

Frame 24

Film24Frame 24 was the idea of an ex UK Fuji Film employee who held a long time postiion within its UK arm supplying filmstock to UK film makers. Post the anouncement of the cessation of Fuji film manufcturing motion picure film anymore she was made redundant so setup a company to sell all the remaining Fuji stock.

Since then most has been sold and in its place we have a reseller business to supply all remaining professional film stocks 16mm and 35mm from Kodak. At time of writing they have for sale all kinds of Kodak film and many unused rolls of 35m filmstock leftover from the Star Wars movie that wrapped end of 2014. This is a really benefical turn of events to be able to order stock at will easily online when needed.


Kodak LogoStill the worlds number one supplier of film and creator of the current outstanding Vision 3 product line of exceptional colour Negative films with the unsurpassed 14 stop exposure latitude Kodak is the elephant in the room nobody can ignore. This companies products are the sole reason i pick up my camera in the first place.

We may consume films purely Digitally at the cinema now and via Digital TV, DVD or Download but the characteristic look of film an image that isn't retro or old but dazzles with life and depth unlike digital acquisition is to be cherished. Film for 1st Capture + Digital for Post, editing etc etc = the perfect marriage!


Arri Media

Arri Media LogoSo you've picked the Kodak Stock your going to use, next you need to actually order some! I used to be able to call Kodak up and they'd supply me with any order i needed no matter how small. But things have changed and they have a stock order minimum of £400 before vat. You can store film refrigerated for some time so if you can bulk buy it will work out cheaper.

If so Kodak UK's film order line number is 08708501904.

If you are going to order smaller than that then you need to speak with the nice guys at Arri Media. Who will sell you the film at Kodak own rates without any mark up but will charge a £40 small order charge for doing so. Take 2 Film & TV I believe offer a similar service.

Film Processing / Laboratories


idailies LogoIf your shooting Colour Negative film you'll need good processing and a lab you can trust. It can sometimes be a bit imposing turning up at one of these places (especially the soho based facilities) but these guys are always helpful and make the process of processing pretty easy.

They can also Telecine your film using state of the art Spirit Telecine into any kind of format to hard drive for editing and be a one stop shop.

Located in 2 small units on an industrial estate in Ealing idailies one of 2 labs in the UK servicing your needs the other lab being Cinelab which i have not used of yet. Never had a bad transfer yet from them! Lab

no-w-here Lab LogoLocated above a very busy urban and multicultural high street in Bethnal Green in London this small film maker’s co-operative allows you access to a number of resources at reasonable rates by becoming a member. Professional Processing on a weekly basis of what seems like any 16mm Black and white negative stock and even the creation of prints from your black and white negatives on their contact printer.

If you have never shot 16mm before and are curious about taking the plunge they offer workshops on shooting 16mm with the formats most versatile camera of course the Bolex H16. They can process and make Super 16mm prints and have just acquired a telecine machine


Andec Filmtech LogoSo you’re Not shooting Colour or Black and White Negative film but something called Reversal film you’ll need a lab for that too! Reversal film is the original film in the camera becomes a positive copy i.e. like slide film which you can project.

The mainstay of reversal for some years was Kodak 100D an incredible stock but on its exit from the market a number of stocks from others have arrived in its place. All reversal stock is processed using Kodak E6 chemistry and the best lab I’ve found after trying a few which does the cleanest and best work with this material is Andec in Germany. They currently have the Widescreen Centre in London as a dealer for them.

So send any colour or black and white reversal to them and you can pay them and they’ll send it over.

Camera Repair / Modification / Service

Martin Stent

Steicca LogoBased in the UK Martin Stent can fully service and overhaul your Bolex H16 Camera. Convert them to Super 16 make any special lens mount adaptors to convert screw threads to another etc. The lubrication of stuck Kern Lenses and cleaning and collimation of them.

Les Boscher

Les Boscher LogoBased in South Wales in the UK again Les Boscher run a machine shop that specialises in putting PL Lens mounts on 16mm cameras including the Bolex H16 as well as Super 16mm conversions of cameras and the making of lens mounts and adaptors to fit any lens on any camera.


ProCam LogoBased in the United states Procam services Bolex cameras and has a wide variety of equipment past and present for sale. However there website consists of one page which is only used as a marker containing information on how to contact them by phone, fax or email. It contains no sales page. However it is another source for Bolex parts if your still searching for that elusive piece of equipment.

Instruction Manuals

Old Timer Cameras Ltd

Old timer CamerasGot a piece of Bolex or other manufacturers equipment but don't know how to operate it? Need an Instruction or Service Manual? Then this company in Elstree England (Close to Elstree film studios) probably have it!

There website has a search facility where you can look through the thousands upon thousands of photographic equipment manuals they have. A rather brief description about each is given, probably due to the huge number they have. However you can phone and email them to make sure they have the one your after. They then send out a high quality copy of it to you via post anywhere in the world and will even fax it to you if you need it quick!

Other Supplies

Camera Essentials

Camera Essentials LogoBased in the US but with dealers worldwide Camera Essentials niche business has developed to supply the film industry with any fabric rain covers and bags. I recommend if you want to improve your Bolex filming you order one of there sensibly priced Film changing bags to load film correctly in total darkness anywhere!

Philip Rigby and Sons

Philip Rigby LogoBased in the UK Philip Rigby and Sons supply all the editing supplies you'd need in a old style editing booth. Splicers, tapes, reels, re winders, editing tables, film cans etc etc. All products are made by hand under the Premiere brand. Back

One of the difficult to find items that they will make for you from new one of which they supply is the 400ft 16mm Split spool.