Electric Pistol Grip

Bolex Product Code :- HAFEL 1st Type Silver Metal finish, 263.110 ELPOI 2nd Type designed to match H16 EL Camera.

1st type of Electric Handgrip The Bolex electric Pistol grip was introduced in the late 1960's to coincide with the release of the latest Bolex electric drive motor, the MST. Because of the cameras weight, handgrips aren't an accessory they are a necessity! Especially so when carrying an external drive motor! Which adds to the overall weight even more. Mostly all cameras come complete with a handgrip when sold. They are that useful!

It connects to the camera using the standard rapid attachment disc method. With lugs either side to allow accurate positioning of the camera over the rapid attachment plate. This handgrip is different from the mechanical pistol handgrip in a number of ways. The first is that it is designed to trigger an attached external electric motor and comes with a cable that plugs into the back of the handgrip in order to do this.

The second is that it is missing the piece of metal that makes contact with the side release to start the camera running. Superfluous now you are starting the camera running electronically. Also the plastic black shielding around the side of the grip has been lowered as the the metal shuttle it was protecting on the mechanical pistol grip has also been lowered.

Electric Pistol Handgrip for EL CameraOften a mechanical pistol handgrip that has a broken metal shuttle is sometimes mistaken as a electric handgrip although the higher metal shielding should indicate that it is in fact a broken mechanical one.

The electric handgrip also contains the ability to control the diaphragm of the Bolex range of Kern zoom lenses from the pistol grip using the accessory DEVAR cable.

With the introduction of the EL Camera Bolex updated the design of the electric pistol grip, giving it an all black finish so as to match the EL camera.