Mechanical Pistol Grip

Bolex Product Code:- 263.001 HAFRA

Sideview of Mechanical PistolGripHand holding a Bolex H16 camera without a handgrip is possible, although extremely difficult and uncomfortable as it usually takes two hands to hold the camera steady. Then of course you need a further two or three to operate the zoom, focus, and start the camera running.

The Mechanical Pistol grip was designed by Bolex so that the camera could be hand held safely and allow the operator to easily start it running using only one hand. All the H16 cameras are quite heavy when Compared with modern video cameras. Although heavy enough not to be handheld and certainly not as heavy as 16mm cameras from other manufacturers, such as Arri.

Grip showing Rapid Attachment DeviceThe Mechanical Pistol Grip attaches to the camera using a rapid attachment disc. Once this is screwed into the cameras forward mounting tripod bush the next task is to lower the camera onto the rapid attachment plate.

A small movable lug on the right hand side of the grip is position flush against the right hand side of the camera to stop it trying to move around.

Once attached to the camera the metal arm that sticks out upwards function becomes obvious. By pressing the trigger of the grip it moves the metal arm backwards which engages with the side release of the camera to start it running. Two little metal switches, one at the back and one at the front regulate how far the arm can travel and so affect the triggering functions the grip can perform.

Sideview of Camera with Grip  AttachedThe grip can be used when the Rexofader is present and when the camera is put into the continuous running position by the grip the rexofader can stop it when it finishes a fade.

The switch towards the front of the grip makes it possible to make the metal arm always come to rest right next to the side release so that with the slightest pressure you can instantly start the camera running.

When the other position of the forward switch is used it makes the metal arm come to rest at a position further away from the side release so that the accessory Diaphragm Pre selection cable can be used.

This cable when screwed into the metal arm of the grip and then screwed into a zoom lens combines two functions in one place.

You can now by moving the pistol grip open the diaphragm fully to focus under maximum lighting conditions then go back to a filming ready state then start the camera running all by just pressing the trigger.

Mechanical Handgrip new in boxThe grips are designed to be used in either the left or right hand by switching the leather strap round to the other side of the grip by unscrewing the small screws and the big main screw and turning the strap around.

Although the grip can be used with a Rexofader present it cannot be used with a cable release adapter attached to the side release. Neither can it be used when any accessory Electric motors are attached to the camera as the metal arm will stick up preventing them being attached. Back

A special Pistol handgrip was designed when using the MST electric motor. It was called the Electric Pistol grip.