Surefire Handgrip

Bolex Product Code :- STAIC & STACO

Surefire Handgrip with cable release attachedThis accessory is an improved aid for holding the camera really steady which superseded the Trigger Handle Handgrip. It consists of a metal handle that is fixed to the tripod socket of the camera.

The handle is fitted with a plunger type release, which when pressed, actuates a cable release. The latter is connected to the cameras side release button. 

The normal method of operation is to put your left hand over the top of the Bolex under the strap, and to grasp the Surefire release with your right hand, with your palm facing left this will leave your right thumb free to operate the plunger.

To prevent the bracket twisting or unscrewing from the camera bush, the Surefire grip is fitted with a small projecting lug which locates with a slot cut into the tripod bush. Back

Later cameras manufactured after 1954 have this slot already cut out, earlier cameras do not, however they can be easily modified. The screw that tightens the grip to the camera is one of the reversible mounting types and has both 3/8" European thread and 1/4" Kodak thread. The Surefire grip also acts as an alternative way to carry the camera.