2nd Type 2nd Head

Bolex Product Code TRILO (Head 2)

2nd type of Head Different ViewsThe Second design modification was the introduction of the standard Bolex rapid attachment device to ease attachment of camera onto the tripod.

The first type that had the rapid attachment disc was designed such that the disc had to be screwed in to the screw thread on the base of the camera nearest the cameras rear.

This was because the tripod was designed with a head where the rapid attachment device mounting mechanism was placed towards the rear of the head instead of forward of it.

This means that if you want to quickly mount a camera on a pistol grip after it has been mounted on one of these type of tripods you will have to unscrew the rapid attachment disc and move it forward to the screw thread on the base nearest the front of the camera.

This anomaly is not that handy if you want to be able to switch quickly from tripod shooting to hand held using a pistol grip. If you intend to use the camera just on the tripod then its fine.